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St Pat’s Eats for the Cheap – Try The Buggy Whip

Friday night, Julian and I were in the mood for a supper club, and we’re frankly not in love with the Gypsy violinist who plays at Columbo’s on Friday evenings, so we headed south, toward LAX.

Just off the La Tijera Blvd exit of the 405, you’ll find The Buggy Whip.

It’s an old, old school supper club – complete with long bar and friendly bartender, a quiet dining room for those who don’t like music, and a dining room off the bar with banquettes arrayed around a grand piano.

The prices are a little high, but you can get out without paying a fortune if you don’t get the three-pound Porterhouse and lobster. And on St Pat’s Day, they have a hell of a bargain. Here’s the flier I found on the bar.

My only complaint about The Buggy Whip is not about the place so much as the patrons. People: would it hurt you to put on a pair of pants when you go out? Geeez.

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