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Viva Villegas and Azucuena Maldonado’s Latina Golfers Association

I got an e-mail from one of my correspondents, Jerry Sullivan. Jerry is editor and publisher of the Los Angeles Garment & Citizen, a community newspaper that serves Downtown LA and surrounding areas, and he’s seen above in one of his favorite downtown haunts, demonstrating the Turkish tea caddy.

Jerry writes:


Sometimes it’s OK to let a little crush influence our work. I’m cutting that break to Azucuena Maldonado and her Latina Golfers Association, an organization that seems to exist for the love of the sport, a rarity in these days of over-hyped athletics.

Azucuena keeps members of the organization up to date on all sorts of developments in the golf world, and she recently gushed about Camilo Villegas, a Colombian who just took home $1 million in prize money for winning the Honda Classic event on the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) tour.

Villegas has talent, and, as you can see, he’s a good-looking fellow — Golf Digest named him the “Sexiest Player on the PGA Tour” a few years ago. But Villegas hadn’t gotten any attention from Azucuena until now.

So what took her so long? She explained in a recent newsletter that she’s been trying to get the Latina Golfers Association up and running as “an upright association established for the purpose of enhancing the careers of our members.”

But finally, there’s been enough progress to make room for “a little fun,” said Azucuena, who indulged by sending some “eye candy” shots of Villegas* for her members.

-- Jerry

(*Which shots of Villegas are NOT eye candy? – Rabe)

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