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Big Oil v AB 32 - A Note from Herman Trabish

Here's a note from one of my Blogespondents, Herman Trabish, of New Energy News, which covers developments in "new energy," like wind and solar.

Dear John,

I’ve been hearing a lot of coverage about the proposed ballot measure that would delay AB 32, California's breakthrough climate change law that set the standard in the fight against global climate change for all the efforts here in the U.S. that followed, and I’m worried that people don’t really understand the issue.

If you haven't heard about it, a group of conservatives backed by Big Oil is trying to make the case that AB 32 is too expensive and should be postponed until California unemployment drops to 5%.

Many respected researchers have studied the issue and say that AB 32 will boost the effort to build New Energy (wind, etc.) and energy efficiency in our state and in doing so it has been, continues to be, and will be even moreso in the future a big boon to the economy and -- despite what Big Oil says --a net supplier of jobs.

People are already poorly informed on this, and most don’t seem to know that even the legislative analyst's letter on the ballot measure has been widely discredited.

Though some politicians doubt the measure will get the necessary signatures to be on November's ballot, many in the environmental community see Big Oil money buying the signatures and see a fight coming that will be as legendary as that over Prop 8.

-- Herman

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