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“Vast Wasteland” Guggenheim Juggernaut picks up speed with twofer on Isabel Street

For the uninitiated, I’ve been shooting abandoned tv’s in my neighborhood. I’m not sure why they struck me as picturesque, but they did. They’re kind of sad and emblematic ... and I’m also ticked off that people litter so freely and with such impugnity in my ‘hood. I’ve turned the photos into an art project called The Vast Wasteland .

This morning two junked sets caught the morning sun and my Hipstamatic’s lens.

The guts were coming out of one, like a fish on a community cutting board at the Santa Monica Pier.

And the other had initials that – to kids today -- might as well stand for LP, typewriter, or buggy whip: UHF.

I know this is weird, but the saddest part of this tableau was the metal tag attached to the larger set ...

... which I absconded with. I kind of feel like I broke The Prime Directive by taking it, but I couldn’t help it. It now resides on my desk.

(All photos by John Rabe.)

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