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Mark Peel (Campanile, Tar Pit, The Point) takes Rabe up 72-foot Culver City art tower designed by Eric Owen Moss.

I went to Culver City to check out Mark Peel’s new restaurant, The Point, but noticed -- as I drove up -- a huge tower on the corner of Hayden and National.

(Credit: Tom Bonner)

We HAD to do the interview up there, and Mark was game.

Architect Eric Owen Moss designed the Gateway Art Tower, and notes on the company site:

"All the buildings in the immediate area are governed by a 56 foot height limit. The Art Tower height is an important exception to the local height rule. The project will be 72 feet high, measured from grade, and will include an open-air, excavated, concrete seating and staging space at its base that begins at minus 12 feet."

Here's Mark's guided tour of the view, from atop the tower:

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