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Animator Pres Romanillos fighting leukemia; animators raising money with outstanding art auction

The name Pres Romanillos is not a household name … unless you’re in the Lasseter, Musker, Disney, Back, Canemaker, or Bird households. Pres is an animator who most recently worked on "The Princess and the Frog" at Disney and "Shrek 4" at DreamWorks. He worked on "Spirit," "Pocahontas," "Aladdin," "Shrek 2," and "Madagascar," among others.

This is a guy who, one minute, can whip out a drawing of Shan-Yu from "Mulan" ...

… then, on his blog, perfectly portray breakfast in a house with a pack of dogs …

Art just flows out of him.

I last saw Pres at the Marc Davis exhibit at Forest Lawn, and I thought "Who’s that muscley, tan, bald guy who’s saying hello? Can’t be Pres because he’s fighting cancer." He had, in fact, beaten it, and he was doing well, but then in March it came back, and paying for treatment has wiped out his and Jeannine’s life savings.

Pres has many, many friends in the animation world, and along with organizing blood and platelet donation drives, and encouraging people to donate marrow, it seems like they’ve all chippped in art to auction off for his benefit. They’ve organized a silent auction, an e-Bay auction, and a live auction, and all those details are on the Pres-Aid auction website.

And the stuff they're gathering is amazing, like a 1983 original (and eerie*) Bloom County daily strip …

A Jack Kirby self-portrait …

And a new Simpson’s script…

Pres will beat the leukemia, but his friends want him and Jeannine to have a home to live in, and food to eat. Stuff like that.

(*Howard Beale-esque broadcaster Frank Reynolds died just before this Bloom County strip was to have run.)

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