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Last Night: Chicken Stock!

It took well over two months, six and a half leftover roasted chickens, two leeks, three carrots, three bay leafs and an onion but I made chicken stock from scratch last night. That's most of the stock itself above, relaxing in an ice bath post-simmer.

I'd never made a stock myself before. And I probably made it unnecessarily difficult for myself when I decided to go with Thomas Keller's tedious Bouchon Recipe. I'm sorry I said tedious, but sometimes it is. I usually need a couple spare hours to cook a recipe from the book, even though I inevitably love what comes out.

The chicken stock recipe involved LOTS of skimming (stuff like fat, leftover herbs, etc). So much skimming that I filled an entire wine bottle with skimmed "impurities" from the leftover bones and meat. I filtered it twice through a sieve, ladled cupful by cupful into the pot. Threw the pot in the icebath.

It tasted like chicken.