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LA Times Finally "Discovers" Local Artist David Weidman

"David Weidman's Monkey Business"

In a blog entry and a feature piece this weekend, the Los Angeles Times finally noticed local printmaker and sculptor David Weidman, calling him "the most famous unknown artist."

"Unknown" unless ...

... You happened be among the 50,000+ to hear the Off-Ramp interview with Weidman ten months ago.

... you were among the tens of thousands who read Michelle Mills' profile of him in the Pasadena Star-News six months ago.

... or went, soon after, to the hugely successful exhibit of Weidman's work at Design Within Reach in Pasadena (a show curated by my husband Julian Bermudez), attended by Trina Turk and Charles Phoenix, among others, and at which the City of Los Angeles declared Weidman a cultural treasure.

... or purchased the lovely book of Weidman's work I ran across at LACMA last year, which spurred me to do the interview along with an exhibit of his work at Long Beach's wonderful Vintage Collective (which is throwing an art party this weekend you might want to check out). The Times does deign to mention both of these.

And Shelley Leopold of the LA Weekly beat us all to the punch with a long piece on Weidman in April of 2009.

The good news is the paper did finally discover Weidman, and that Weidman recently landed a deal with Urban Outfitters, which will spread his fame and art to a whole new generation. 

(Image: David Weidman's Monkey Business, 1976.)