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LA Photo Contest Winner - Baby Wins Book

In last week's Off-Ramp Newsletter, I offered Kevin McCollister's, East of West LA, a slim new volume of LA photographs as a prize for the best listener photo of LA. (McCollister has many more photos on his blog.)

Many good photos came in, and gorgeous landscapes dominated, like Donna Barnes-Roberts' photo of the hills above Sunland/Tujunga.

Kurt A. Eichsteadt's Sunrise, Long Beach, Jan. 2010. "It was taken from my living room window," he writes, "(Really. I consider myself very fortunate.) I like to say in Southern California we have earthquakes, brush fires, rain, flooding, mudslides and, about four times a year, this sunrise."

Frank Meza took this one "with my iphone off the Santa Monica pier while on a LA County Lifeguard special ocean tour my lifeguard instructor managed to put together for us."

 And Jody Reichel's, along Ballona Creek, with Marina del Rey's buildings in the background.

The winner, though, is Tim Kirk's photo of his daughter Briar.

Kirk wrote:

My daughter and I have been walking the LA River since she was 5 months old.  She's now two and we've covered all the walkable areas from the headwaters in Canoga Park to the mouth of the bay in Long Beach.

Congratulations, Tim. The book is in the mail. By the way, if you want to see McCollister at work, check out this link, with photos, like this one, by AartVark.

Thanks to all who participated.

Next weekend on Off-Ramp, I'll have a long interview with the editors of Slake, LA's new literary quarterly, and some of the authors involved in the first issue, like Jonathan Gold, Jervey Tervalon, Jamie Brisick, John Powers, and others.