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Director Ken Russell in LA - Chamberlain to join for Q&A


I just got word from the American Cinematheque that Richard Chamberlain will be joining Ken Russell for the between-films Q+A on Sunday at the Aero Theatre (1328 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403). The program starts at 730: The Music Lovers, Q+A, Women in Love.

-- John

Tommy, The Lair of the White Worm, Women in Love, Lisztomania, and Altered States ...

you're upside down

... Ken Russell has directed some of the most memorable and weirdest films in modern times...

he's a very clean old man

... and The American Cinematheque and BAFTA-LA are bringing him in for a full schedule of films and q+a's at the Aero and Egyptian Theatre this Friday through Sunday.

Russell packed the house in New York last week, where the Film Society of Lincoln Center put on a week long retrospective and sold out every show. My sources say this may be the last big tour of the States for the 83-year old British director, so this would be a good time to go see him in person.

Here he is in New York, charming the audience after a screening of Tommy: