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Gold Vs Bayless: The Final Chapter?

Kevin Ferguson here. You might remember our segment from a couple weeks back on this: an undeniably LA food fight started when the OC Weekly's Gustavo Arellano reported on comments made by Pulitzer Prize winner Jonathan Gold. He was talking about Chicago-based Mexican chef Rick Bayless and his brand-new innaugural venture on the West Coast, Red O. To wit:

"Gold said Bayless was a 'good' chef who knew his way around Mexican recipes, but he sneered at Bayless' nerve in coming to Los Angeles and opening a restaurant--Red O--that presumed to introduce Angelinos to 'authentic' Mexican cuisine."

The blog posted started a 230+ comment war over at OC Weekly, a massive twitter fight and endless amounts of free press for both Weeklies and Red O. Flash forward to today, and Jonathan Gold's latest (and probably last) comment on the situation takes the form of a friendly, but less-than-enthusiastic review of the somewhat-polarizing eatery (it includes a recap of Gold's side of the feud).

You might have also heard the Eat LA/Off-Ramp collaboration from last week. We talked about restaurants that rival Red O in quality, but cost about as much as the valet parking.