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E-Scammers are now parodying themselves!

This just arrived in my in box:

Hello ,

I am Emmanuel Giordani from Dr. Congo. A refugee in Ghana. I am writing to seek your assistance in helping me claim my funds worth of $16.5 million from a diplomat in London.

He was unable to deliver the funds in a safe sealed brief case to my benefactor due to my beneficiary illness and his mental state of mind is not improving for him to handle the funds and take care of me.

The diplomat is about living for another delivering and this will attract additional cost and inconvenience to me because I do not want the funds to come back to Africa. The diplomat is not aware of the content of the box because the briefcase is being covered with the ECOWAS NON INSPECTION certificate issued by the UN here in Ghana and the diplomat is covered with diplomatic immunity before the departure of the briefcase to London to my former beneficiary who helped to be able to get the funds out of the security company here in Ghana.

I want you to please be my beneficiaries so that I can forward your personal information to the diplomat so as to enable him deliver the Briefcase to you safely after I have made you the legal benefactor from the high court.

Immediate you receive the funds from the diplomat you shall be taking some funds from the Brief case to settle the diplomat this is base on the agreement between the diplomat company here in Ghana.

I will want you to please send me your personal information i.e Name, telephone number, driver’s license, delivering address.

I am looking forward to receive this information from you so that I can go to the high court and get you as the benefactor to the funds.


Emmanuel Giordani

A sealed briefcase? An unstable diplomat? All it needs is a spy/journalist to be an Eric Ambler novel. It reads less like the scams I've received in the past, and more like the parodies of scams people have been doing on line and on stage ... or Our Man in Havana.