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OCMA's Biennial Opens Oct 24!

The first time I went to the Orange County Museum of Art's CA Biennial, I thought it was so good, they should hold it every year. We interviewed a dozen of the artists and ran them for months on Off-Ramp. it was good stuff.

The idea of the biennial is to bring new-ish artists to the public, and OCMA has just announced the schedule and lineup for the 2010 CA Biennial:

In addition to approximately 150 works of art and installations on display, the museum is also the site for approximately 30 programs and performances that will appeal to diverse interests and continue OCMA’s history of presenting new developments in contemporary art. The 2010 California Biennial is on view October 24th, 2010–March 13, 2011.


San Francisco-based artist Taravat Talepasand, of Iranian descent, explores the intersections between dual cultural traditions—American/Persian, insider/outsider, male/female. In Censored Garden (2008), she addresses the marriage between beauty and ugliness, desire and censorship, tradition and innovation.

Stay tuned for coverage details on Off-Ramp.