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Kevin Von Feldt Update: "Bob Cratchit" Responds

After my most recent posting on producer Kevin Von Feldt, Von Feldt himself responded in a blog comment, excerpted here:

As to MAME and CHRISTMAS CAROL, as a comment today on the Tribune's site confirmed...audiences loved both productions. The actors and musicians were volunteers who were to receive a small $200 gas stipend if we passed $40,000 in sales.

I can't address the first assertion, not having canvassed the audiences in this production in Burnsville, Minnesota. But as to the second, Charles Hubbell, the actor who played Bob Cratchit, directly contradicts Von Feldt's claim. 

In an e-mail to me, Hubbell writes, in part:

On November 25, 2010 12:17am I received an email from Kevin von Feldt asking "Are you available Nov29-Dec12?" ... I responded at 7:14 am, "I have some days and evenings that are free during that time. Would you mind being more specific about your needs?" ... At 7:49 AM he sent, "Need someone to play Bob Cratchit in a production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL at the Burnsville PAC." I replied back that I ... thought it would work and asked what the compensation would be. At 11:09 AM, after he sent a short description of the show mentioning the celebrities that he has worked with before on Christmas Carol, he sent "The stipend is $50 per show, or $250. Straight drama with background music throughout." So I agreed. ... KVF failed to pay me $250 for all 5 shows that we did."