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Newport Beach Bans Scavengers

This news out of Newport Beach ...

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (AP) _ Police now have authority to arrest trash scavengers in Newport Beach.  The City Council voted Tuesday night to get strict with recyclers and other scavengers because bicycles and other personal property is being stolen from garages and some have been caught collection information for identity theft. Police previously only had authority to ticket recyclers. Tuesday's decision now gives them power to arrest them.

... reminds me of Off-Ramp commentator Christopher Ames' righteous anger when Santa Ana was talking about doing the same thing in 2009.

See, here’s the thing. Every time I see one of these folks digging through the sludge we create, I feel a little bit better about my own life. In the words of the great philosopher Phil Ochs, “There but for fortune go you or I.” But (they) hate them. Hate the noise they make and the mess, too. I guess I’ve lived on only quality streets. I see these unfortunates all the time, but only once did one wake me up, and he was roaring drunk. Coulda been worse. He coulda sung.

There's more. Here's the link to the commentary.