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More Rudy Martinez - Jose Huizar Fallout

In the rapidly escalating battle between 14th District LA City Councilman Jose Huizar and challenger Rudy Martinez ... Michael Trujillo, the self-annointed Hand of God/Hand of Satan, has received his second spanking in just a few days.

Trujillo, who said in an email ...

In the book of Luke the Bible says "If someone slaps you on one cheek/ offer the other cheek also. If someone demands your coat/ offer your shirt also. As a good Christian I believe we have run out of cheeks and to be clear there are no more coats to hand Rudy. We are going to unleash the dogs of satan on Rudy and he is going to wish he never heard the words "team huizar." I treated him like i was a cat playing with a trapped mouse, weli now he is going to be the dead rat he really is. ... We are about to put a political bullet in between Rudy Martinez's forehead and make him pee in his pants too.

... was fired by Huizar on Sunday ...

... and was apparently fired Monday by the campaign of Dr. Richard Vladovic, who is running for re-election to the LA School Board. Elaine Cartas, Vladovic field coordinator, emailed me Monday night, in response to my query:  

The Dr. Vladovic campaign terminated consultant Michael Trujillo's employment this morning. Our entire campaign wants to stay focused on issues involving children. Eric Hogensen will continue to serve as the campaign manager and take over all consulting duties effective immediately and for the remainder of the campaign.

Thus fulfills the prophecy of Paul Hatfield, who commented on Ron Kaye's blog that Trujillo could become the first person to be fired from two campaigns in two days.

Meantime, I've been spanked by Parke Skelton over my previous blog entry, in which I assumed Skelton's question, quoted in the Times, was rhetorical.

Huizar campaign consultant Skelton said Martinez needs to explain whether he ever used the badge to impersonate an officer, which would be a misdemeanor. "Why would he be carrying it around in an official LAPD billfold if he wasn't flashing it at people?" Skelton asked.

In an e-mail, Skelton responds:

Since you clearly don't think the badge issue is of any significance, I was wondering if you had read the LAPD investigation into the incident. I've attached it for your edification. ... now we have an official LAPD determination that Martinez "obstructed" the investigation (and) "fabricated evidence." As for your condemnation of me for asking the question about what Rudy was doing with the badge ... I did not make a "bold accusation" "without any witnesses" as you opine.  I was asking the same question the official LAPD investigation asked. A completely legitimate question given the circumstances."

1. I have no opinion about the significance of the badge incident. I did ask on the Off-Ramp page whether the voters care about this issue as much as they care about some of the other charges being lobbed back and forth, like Martinez's arrest record and lobbying against a smoking ban, and Huizar's power lists and FBI inquiry.

2. May I ask a rhetorical question of my own? Aren't all powerful campaign consultants' questions of this nature rightly taken as rhetorical? If not, I stand corrected.

Skelton also says he likes Off-Ramp. But he didn't pose it as a question.  

Lastly, has anybody parsed Trujillo's email message?

1. Re: Cheeks. As far as I know, Christ didn't set a limit on cheeks to be turned. Gotta keep at it.

2. Re: "dogs of satan." Cerberus, who guarded/guards Hades, was one dog, with multiple heads. Is this what he means? But if there are multiple dogs in Hell, wouldn't they be under the command of Satan or one of his minions, not God, and likely not a campaign consultant?

3. This is probably not worth it, since we already know Trujillo's problems with metaphors have already bitten him in the ...