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Remembering San Pedro's most famous amateur film critic

I know we're late on this (though not as late as the Times was to our Sierra Madre hole story), but better than never:

Rawlan "Tank" Nelson was 78 when he passed away last month. He was one of the most colorful voices in San Pedro, a regular film critic published in several local papers, as well as on a blackboard on his balcony. If you've ever been lucky enough to eat at San Pedro's deservedly revered Busy Bee Market, you might have seen Tank ordering a sandwich. I'll let the Daily Breeze handle the rest:

His signature "Laugh Lots!" sign-off on every note or card he wrote spoke volumes about Rawlan "Tank" Nelson, who died last week at age 78. A big man with a big laugh, Nelson spent 44 years working on San Pedro's docks. But it was after he retired that he discovered his niche as a movie reviewer. His makeshift movie reviews - scrawled on a chalk board suspended from his second-floor apartment near Cabrillo Beach - became the talk of the town in the 1990s. After a story ran in the Daily Breeze, Nelson began fielding invitations for television appearances.

Sadly, I've had a hard time finding his reviews online. You'll be missed, Tank.