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Beautiful, poetic justice

Editorializing for a second here, so bear with me: In the wake of Japan's horrific, seeemingly endless nuclear tragedy, you no doubt remember reading stories about the droves of panicked Californians who--ignoring every authority on the subject--bought up all the potassium iodide they could find for fear that a massive toxic On The Beach style cloud of radiation would come and kill us all. While the rest of us were foolishly spending our money on things like Earthquake relief and the like.

And what a surprise! The scientists and professionals were right. Which is why this sign at our local Whole Foods put such a smile on my face:

"Whole Foods Market Arroyo Will NOT accept any returns on Potassium Iodide. Thank You!"

No, chicken little, you don't get to hit the "undo" button after your moment of irrational panic. You don't get your $19.99 back. You wanted to be prepared? You stay prepared.

In the meantime--if you haven't already--please give what you can, to whatever charity you like the most. I like the International Medical Corps, but there are plenty of other great organizations. Every dollar counts.