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Monster Movie Matinees at LACMA

There's a great schedule of classic monster movie matinees at LACMA for the next couple of months. Bring the kids! All the monster matinees are at 2pm.



July 16             The Thing
July 23             Journey to the Center of the Earth
July 30             The Incredible Shrinking Man
August 6           Jason and the Argonauts
August 13         Mothra
August 20         This Island Earth
August 27         Horror of Dracula

This weekend's The Thing stars the late lamented James Arness as the monster (tall typecasting!).

And note that they're screening Mothra (1961), which is far less seen than Mothra v Godzilla (1964).

200 x 173

1958's Horror of Dracula is one of the best of the Hammer horror films.