Audubon Society takes bird watching online

Mercer 2101

Susan Valot/KPCC

An Oak Titmouse, discovered during the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count in 2009.

Last time we talked about about bird watching--or birding, apparently--I went with teenage birder Jose Luis Sandoval to a park in Wilmington using only public transit. It was fun! We even saw an American Bittern--which I was told isn't a rare bird so much as a very secretive one. 

In the jovial, semi-competitive spirit exhibited in new bird-minded movies like the Big Year, the Audubon Society is offering a sort of online scavenger hunt/birding expedition for those of us who aren't free to drop everything and hike the Sierras. It's called Birding the Net and the race is heating up. With just 7 days to go, online birders from all over are working furiously to find the newest internet birds, embedded on various Audubon websites as well as others (including the Dali Museum, of all places). It's a pretty fun game, a good way for a nonprofit like the Audubon Society to go viral, and a nice surprise if you happen to stumble on a snowy plover when on a different web page. It's not too late to join in on the race if you're interested! 

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