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Open Melody elevates Irvine as culture capital

Intense: Foot Village playing Open Melody in 2010.
Intense: Foot Village playing Open Melody in 2010.
Paul Rosales

For this weekend, at least. Open Melody is an all-day music and art festival this Saturday, brought to you by UC Irvine-based happening makers Acrobatics Everyday. 2011 marks the festival's second iteration and the first time everything has been densly and intensely packed into one day. Headlining things is the enigmatic, world-class guitarist Sir Richard Bishop--not only an extraodinary player but founding member of Arizona's hallowed desert trailblazers Sun City Girls. Here's a video of Bishop's intense, border-free guitar work:

Also on the docket are artists like John Kilduff who--when he isn't painting, cooking, teaching and running on a treadmill all at the same time--is a totally normal person. Also: Dos (featuring former Minuteman Mike Watt) and Lucky Dragons, LA's favorite glitchy naturalists. For the full lineup, check out Acrobatics Everyday's website. Tickets are $12 for the entire day.

(Photo by Paul Rosales)