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Curious sculpture appears on Silver Lake Blvd.

Materials and Applications'
Materials and Applications' "Bloom" sculpture is an experiment in thermally responsive metal surfaces.
Scott Mayoral/

Residents of Silverlake be warned: a 20-foot sculpture at 1619 Silver Lake Boulevard, just south of the Satellite music venue, could move at any second!

The shiny “Bloom” sculpture at M&A Gallery is Silverlake’s newest piece of kinetic art. The structure is made of thousands of metal panels arranged in a flower-like shape. The panels appear solid when they are cold, but as the heat of the day rises, the panels can open and the flower “blooms”.

The piece is a collaboration between architects Doris Sung, Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter, and structural engineer Matthew Melnyck. Sung is an Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California, Wahlroos-Ritter is a professor at the Woodbury School of Architecture, and Melnyck lectures at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. The sculpture will remain up through the spring before it wilts away in the summer. More info at the gallery's website.