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Dodger Clayton Kershaw and wife Ellen open Zambian orphanage, write book on work in Africa

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Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw and his wife Ellen appeared before the media Tuesday at Dodger Stadium to announce the release of their new book. The couple recently returned from Zambia, where they spent nine days meeting children they seek to help by building an orphanage. The book is called "Arise," and chronicles their experiences in the country. (Listen to the Off-Ramp interview with the Kershaws.)

At the press conference, Kershaw spoke about his legacy outside of baseball and his desire to go down in history as something more than a pitcher. The couple, though young - Clayton is 23 years old and Ellen is 24 - spoke passionately about the need to help Africa and the contributions they can make personally.  

The Kershaws teamed with the Dallas non-profit group Arise Africa to buy land and build an orphanage for Zambian children. Ellen spoke about the connections she and Clayton made with the Zambian children, noting she saw Clayton grow tremendously through the experience. "[Clayton] was like a human jungle gym," while playing with kids, she said.

Arise Africa is actively seeking donations from any and all contributors, whether you play baseball or not.

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