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Sundance-bound Korean-American director Andrew Ahn tries to say "I'm Gay" in his movie, but ...

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When I interviewed Korean-American filmmaker Andrew Ahn about his movie Dol, he told me he made it specifically so he'd have to come out to his mom and dad, who are loving, but traditional Korean parents.

They knew he was making it, he put them in it, he knew they'd pressure him to show it to them, and since it's about him being gay, they'd get the message without him ever having to tell them, "I'm gay," a phrase he'd been unable to utter to them for years.

It didn't work out that way, but what happened after they watched the movie with him is a great story, too ... but it's much better to hear Andrew tell it.

The whole interview is posted on this week's Off-Ramp page, where you can also watch the ten-minute feature. (It's almost safe for work; the shower scene at the end is very Somewhere in Time, and Andrew and his boyfriend might be kissing or crying. Hard to tell through the shower door.

Meantime, Andrew's off to Sundance, where the movie screens this weekend.


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