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LA Times tries to make new photo look old, but why bother?

This one comes from the "just show us the damn thing" department: The Los Angeles Times (via the Huntington Beach Independent) posted a story today on how cuts to the US Postal Service might force a historic Huntington Beach post office to close its doors once and for all. It's sad, yes, the Times ran a photo of the facility, because how else would we know what it looked like? Here, look at a screenshot:

The photo is black and white, which seems silly to me. Are they trying to make us think this is some 50+ year old archive picture? Yes, the buildng is historic, but the photo clearly isn't--unless that SUV was designed by Doc Brown. This is a photo of the Huntington Beach post office:

It's available via Creative Commons license, too (taken by Alheard on Flickr, with nc/nd, by the way), so why not just use that? There's even a present day, non-time traveling SUV added in for good measure. 

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