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Sir Lattimore Brown - Unluckiest soul singer, possibly unluckiest man

                                           (Sir Lattimore Brown. Credit: Getty Images)

Roger Ebert dug up an obit from the Telegraph of soul singer Sir Lattimore Brown, an unlucky man.

Here's the short version:

Born 1931, raised by sharecropping grandfather.

Returns from Korea and Vietnam to find wife pregnant with another man's child.

Opens club in Dallas ... with silent partner Jack Ruby. Ruby kills Oswald.

1966: signed to Otis Redding's touring agency RedWal. Redding dies in plane crash.

Remarries in Knoxville, but she dies after heart surgery.

Remarries in Little Rock, but she dies of lung cancer.

In 1974, riots at his gigs by fans of another artist named "Latimore." Southern mafia puts out contract on him because of concert mix-ups.

No royalties from compilation record This Is Lattimore's World.

All Music Guide announces his death in the 1990s.

2005: He’s badly injured by Hurricane Katrina, wife dies of heart attack soon after.

2007: stabbed and robbed in his trailer home.

Dies March 25, 2011. Struck by car in Pensacola as he was crossing the street.