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E is for Edward, who danced at the Edwardian Ball

"The light is fading from the day. The rest is darkness and dismay."

So writes Edward Gorey, who seems to have set most of his work in the reign of Edward VII, that twilight era between 1901 and 1910, when Watson and Holmes still walked the streets and hailed hansom cabs, before the Empire became just a country.

If you're a fan of the era, The Edwardian Ball comes to the Belasco Theater Sunday, February 19, and promises (roughly) period music, theatre, dance, and circus acts. As you can see in the video, participants exercise a little Tim Burton-inspired poetic license.

Started in 1999, The Edwardian Ball has grown from an underground club phenomenon into a full-fledged festival of arts and culture, focusing on Gorey's work. This year's theme comes from Gorey's 1969 poetry collection, The Iron Tonic (Or, A Winter Afternoon in Lonely Valley), which tells the story of an eerie, melancholy hotel, and its decrepit occupants.

Your hosts invite you to dress in their most fashionable Edwardian garments or your favorite Edward Gorey characters.

The Belasco Theater is at 1050 South Hill St, Los Angeles 90015. Admission is $42 in advance and the doors open at 7pm. The ball is only for adults 21 and over. Click here for more information.

(Note: The ball was originally scheduled for the Music Box Theatre Feb 4, but the Music Box closed, so it's been moved.)