GOOD Magazine lays off most of its editorial staff

GOOD 404 Page


GOOD's 404 error message appeared on the website's job opportunities page a few days after a mass firing of the staff.

Last January, Off-Ramp went to GOOD's office in Los Angeles to talk with the editors about their "Next Big Thing" issue. Ann Friedman, the executive editor, told us the issue and the company focused on, "what is not 10 years from now, but one year from now going to look like? What's sort of our next step from here?" Turns out, the next step was a redesign in GOOD's editorial staff. Friedman was among the many to be laid off from the magazine this past Friday, including Amanda Hess, the Lifestyle Editor, and Tim Fernholz, the Business Editor, who tweeted:

You can check out the interview we did with GOOD here.

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