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Celebrate four years of Indian street food at Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se

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Southern California, as most seasoned eaters know, is a cradle of street food, paved paradise for taco trucks and Indonesian sate masters alike. In Artesia's Little India, you could even find excellent chaat from the snack shops selling food from India's Gujarat state. But when Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se (literally "from the streets of Mumbai") opened four years ago, the restaurant brought the flavors of India's largest city to the neighborhood.

Owners Sailesh and wife Shruti Shah started small. When I wrote about the restaurant for the L.A. Times in 2009, the all-vegetarian menu had grown from a mere three dishes to nearly 100. To celebrate the restaurant's four-year anniversary, the Shahs are expanding the menu even more. Each weekend they'll debut new dishes not just from Mumbai, but from the entire Indian subcontinent. Sailesh says there will be about five new dishes each weekend, including specials from rural India as well as the ever-popular frankie, a kind of wrap-cum-quesadilla that made its way to Mumbai via London and Beirut.

It's the ideal occasion to revisit the restaurant and be reminded of the powerfully addictive dabeli (slider-sized sandwiches packed with spiced potato patties, peanuts, pomegranate seeds, onions and green grapes) and the thoroughly refreshing piyush (a homemade yogurt drink blended with saffron, cardamom, pistachios and almonds). And if you've never been before, Sailesh and Shruti will be just as happy to celebrate with you, too.

Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se, 17705 Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, (562) 860-6699.

(Photo courtesy of Jennifer Bastian)

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