Bieber a bada--? DA's alleged investigation into paparazzo brawl


Bieber stares ominously into space at the Sentul International Convention Center in Bogor, Indonesia in 2011.

Justin Bieber, the baby-faced 18-year old singer, has assault charges pending with the LA District Attorney. It's like hearing John McEnroe agreed with a referee after arguing a call, felt bad about it, and then baked the ref brownies.

The alleged altercation would put Bieber on par with Tommy Lee, Chris Brown and a laundry list of other celebrities, and it definitely doesn't fit the family friendly, boy-next-door image Bieber's used to sell millions of albums.

TMZ cites several witnesses who claim a lawyer approached Jose Sarros, the paparazzo pressing the charges, after the alleged altercation, and told him to file a police report and call an ambulance ... then told him he could get a lot money from the incident. But the real question is, can Sarros live with the stigma of getting trounced by the wee Bieber?

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