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Rabe demystifies the ineffable Off-Ramp e-newsletter

LA Public Library

KPCC Account Executive Pamela Gurstein was walking by the Off-Ramp pavilion just as I was writing the weekly newsletter.

“Give me a noun,” I said.

“Cars,” she responded.

“Too prosaic,” I countered.

“Okay,” she replied. “Shoe.”

And that’s how we arrived at this week’s Off-Ramp e-newsletter photo, the one thing you look forward to all week, a bright spot in your dismal existence, and which heretofore you assumed was the product of hours of contemplation, collegial debate, and research.

Nope, sometimes we just feed a word into the search engine at the LA Public Library online photo archive, and take whatever pops up.

The caption reads: “Sears buyers at a shoe manufacturer's display at Montello Shoes, Inc., located at 6401 E. Flotilla St., East Los Angeles. They are visiting here to order shoes for their stores.” (It’s an undated photo and the photographer is not identified.)  

That address is now occupied by Danfield, “one of a few finishing plants based in the nation … a supplier of quality leather for the furniture, automotive, hospitality, handbag, book-binding and various accessory industries.” Danfield also does leather for the interiors of private jets and for airline seats.

And they process leather for … shoes. A quick call to Danfield … no dice. No connection to Montello.


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