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6 Seasons and an art show: A fan tribute to Community

Six Seasons and a Movie art show curated by PixelDrip Gallery
Six Seasons and a Movie art show curated by PixelDrip Gallery PixelDrip Gallery

In May, NBC announced that Dan Harmon--the creator of Community--would not be returning as the Showrunner. In response, crestfalen fans in Los Angeles came together to hold an art show featuring over 130 artists from around the world. The exhibit's title, "Six Seasons and a Movie," started as a catchphrase from the show and became a rally cry from the fans when it went on hiatus mid-season this year.

The Pixel Drip Gallery, who's hosting the event, encourages everyone to dress up as their favorite character. One can dress as Evil AbedInspector Spacetime, and for the uninspired, you can dress up as the show creator

The opening reception is tomorrow, June 23rd. The artists will be in attendance, as well as some special guests of honor. Everything goes down at Monk Space in Koreatown: 4414 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles, California 90004 For more information, visit the Facebook event page.

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