LA Press Club honors Off-Ramp's Memorial Day special

Mercer 18251

John Rabe

Camille Hahn, Leon Leyson, and grandchild, at Leyson's home in Fullerton.

Mercer 18285

Kevin Ferguson

Georgianna Ferguson, Kevin's Grandma

Mercer 18276

Nick Stanton

Cpl. Jordan Stanton and his fiance Julie Dickson

Mercer 18346

Corporal Hector Garcia

Corporal Rene Casillas in Iraq

For Memorial Day, 2011, Off-Ramp did something special, dedicating the entire hour to those who have served. When you listen to the episode, you'll hear:

  • Leon Leyson, the youngest man on Schindler's list, being interviewed by his daughter-in-law.
  • Olympian and soldier Louis Zamperini, who recalled life on a raft in the Pacific and in a Japanese POW camp.
  • Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson's Grandma recalling her husband, the chief engineer on the USS Indianapolis, which was reported sunk with all hands after delivering the H-Bomb.
  • Stories from Vietnam War correspondents and photojournalists.
  • An ordinary soldier who served two tours of duty in Iraq.
  • And the father of a Marine who was killed in Afghanistan, talking about Fisher House, which helps grieving Marine families cut through the red tape.

We are proud that the LA Press Club awarded this episode First Place for Best Talk/Public Affairs Show at the awards ceremony Sunday night.

The judges commented, "this special Memorial Day edition of Off Ramp commemorates the day with moving and compelling, first-person stories."

Thanks to all who participated!

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