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Butch Cassidy's "Amnesty" Colt 45 could bring $200k in Ventura auction

Butch Cassidy (far right) and the Wild Bunch gang. Fort Worth, Texas.
Butch Cassidy (far right) and the Wild Bunch gang. Fort Worth, Texas.

American outlaw Butch Cassidy's most documented gun will be auctioned on September 30 in Ventura, and it's estimated it'll bring up to $200,000.

The "Amnesty" Colt belonged to the infamous bank and train robber until he surrendered the revolver to the police in Utah for a chance to clean his criminal record. Since the government refused to grant Cassidy amnesty, he went into hiding in Argentina where it was rumored he died in a gunfight in 1908.

Cassidy started his criminal career in the 1880's and eventually landed in jail in 1894. Upon release in 1896, Cassidy and his cronies formed the Wild Bunch. The gang recruited Harry Longabaugh, better known as "The Sundance Kid," who became Cassidy's right-hand man. Longabaugh joined Cassidy in fleeing to Argentina in 1901, where the duo pulled off their biggest bank robbery.

What makes the "Amnesty" Colt an even more prized possession is a series of numbers scratched inside the grips of the gun. These numbers are thought to be the combination to his safe or bank account in Denver, Colorado.

A preview of the auction will be held from 12PM to 5PM on Friday, September 28, at 8597 N. Ventura Ave. Ventura, CA 93001.