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The LA County Fair clogs its way to your heart

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It's an exciting month for foodies in Los Angeles as the deep-fried everything festival--also know as the LA County Fair--takes place at the Pomona Fairplex through September.

From deep-fried cereal to greasy battered lobster, these one-of-a-kind dishes can cost up to $14. It's not only harmful to your wallet but also taxing on your physical health. Luckily, Drew Hubbard and Ben Waters of LA Foodie  have provided a LA County Fair food guide so you don't have to break your wallet or your belt. 

Drew Hubbard founded the food blog in 2008, reviewing hole-in-the-wall places he used to frequent in Los Angeles. Ben Waters teamed up with Hubbard in 2011 and the duo created the LA Foodie podcast that same year. Recently, Hubbard and Waters tackled the vat of various deep-fried foods at the LA County Fair and made a video of their experience.

They rated the items on a simple "eat it" or "screw it" scale. In the video, Waters munches on a "totally fried PB&J" and says, "This thing is a stomach bomb." He gave the fun treat an "eat it" rating. Hubbard then tries the "deep fried lobster on a stick" and says, "It's too salty, but that's just the breading." He thought the actual lobster was cooked well, but for the hefty price of $14, Hubbard gave it a  "screw it" rating.

Even if deep-fried food isn't your thing, it's fun to watch the two get down and dirty while stuffing their faces with some pretty gnarly cuisine.

As Drew and Ben are finishing up their review with chocolate covered fruits and sweets, an interviewer off-screen ask the age-old question, "Is there anything that should not be covered in chocolate?" To which they immediately reply, "Pickles."

Here's the video:

The LA County Fair runs until September 30th.

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