This post wins the Internet for this week, as far as I'm concerned


The California Brown Pelican is a State and Federally listed endangered species protected in both California and the United States. And a vicious, vicious predator.

Did the zoo's pelicans, Hidalgo Pete, Signor Gomez, and Sanchez Hoolihoo, run away? Did they stare helplessly as the weasel trespassed on their property and helped itself to a meal? They did not. They chased the weasel away from the pigeons, and cornering it against a mesh fence, beat it to death. "Even after the animal was dead the two pelicans…kept jabbing their bills at it."

The preceding was a highlight from Deadspin's breathtaking, acerbic defense of New Orlean's decision to switch basketball team names (Warning: link contains some NSFW language). 

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