Photos: Touring the Huell Howser collection at Chapman University

Kevin Ferguson/KPCC

A friendly, wood carved bear greets visitors to the Chapman University Library. The bear was a gift to Huell from a fan.

Kevin Ferguson/KPCC

The Huell Howser collection awaits students and visitors at the entrance to the campus library at Chapman University

Kevin Ferguson/KPCC

In honor of Huell's work, California's beloved Fosselman's ice cream company gave the TV host a statue of a cow.

James Doti Chapman University

Kevin Ferguson/KPCC

Chapman University President James Doti displays a photo of him and Huell Howser.

Kevin Ferguson/KPCC

As a child, Huell Howser drafted a contract in hopes he'd convince his mom to buy the family a television set. While it's not clear if the plea worked--the contract shows clearly that even at 12, young Huell had a love for TV.

Kevin Ferguson/KPCC

A notecard points out a collection of cameras and microphones used to producer some of the shows hosted by Huell.

Kevin Ferguson/KPCC

A quote from Huell Howser about California's state parks--along with "Visting" and "California's Gold," Howser also hosted "California's Golden Parks."

Kevin Ferguson/KPCC

A fan made diorama of California's Gold, made for Huell Howser. Note the real life map on the bottom and the giant KCET antenna to the left.

On this past weekend's Off-Ramp, we marked the passing of TV's Huell Howser with a 20 minute tribute to the beloved TV host. We had interviews with Queena Kim, former CNN reporter Christopher Peake, Councilman Tom LaBonge, even Huell himself. We also talked to Chapman University president James Doty and vice president Sheryl Bourgeois.

In his last few years, Huell gave to the university two houses, countless mementos and his entire video archive. Chapman is in the process of digitizing the entire collection for the public to see, free of charge. You can see what they've done so far at the school's Huell Howser Archive.

If you ever find yourself in Orange, make sure to visit Chapman's campus library. There, you'll find on display some of the best mementos from Huell's personal collection. If you can't make the trip — or you'd like a preview — you'll find a slideshow above with just a few items in the collection. Take a look!

Don't forget the "sunset salute" public memorial for Howser will be held Tuesday, Jan. 15, at Griffith Observatory, organized by Los Angeles City Councilmember Tom LaBonge.

The memorial is scheduled to take place on the steps of the Griffith Observatory, with people gathering at 3:30 p.m., remarks at 4 p.m. and the "sunset salute" at 5:07 p.m. There will be parking and shuttles to the memorial from the Greek Theatre parking lot.

Can't make the memorial? Check back here ( for our photo slideshow, which will be published after the event.

And you can still: Share your favorite memories of Huell Howser and his TV shows on KPCC's Facebook page.

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