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'He says he really saw a dinosaur' – a jewel from the LA Public Library

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Remember card catalogs in the public library? They felt and even smelled wonderful, but one of their chief benefits was that while a digital seach generally takes you exactly where you want to go,with no detours, the card catalogs provide fascinating search tangents.

I was looking in the LA Public Library online photo archive for a generic LA aerospace photo for Marc Haefele's most recent blog, and up popped a photo with the caption, "He says he really saw a dinosaur." How could I resist!?

Here's the whole caption, from the library's website:

Photograph caption dated December 23, 1981 reads, "Herman Regusters points out Lake Tele region in the Congo where he says he and wife Kia spotted and photographed a dinosaurlike creature on a recent African expedition.

The Pasadena couple called a news conference attended by 75 reporters from around the world, but conceded they had no proof of their claim that they spotted the elusive animal--'about the size of two hippos'-- since the one photograph they say they managed to take of it isn't developed yet.

The couple insisted they observed the creature on several occasion in late October and early November when they were accompanied by officials from Ghana and the Republic of the Congo. Members of the party saw the brownish or grayish beast three times without a camera handy, and Kia Regusters said the one photograph, which she took, was likely of dubious quality since lighting was poor.

Still, said her husband, 'we're not placing the whole importance of our expedition on a couple of seconds of possibly photographing the animal."

Before becoming a cryptozoologist, Regusters (1933-2006) was an aerospace engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratories.

Here's an online obit of Regusters, which notes that he "developed a global positioning system that could be mounted on a backpack."

Here, from YouTube is a sound recording that purports to possibly be Regusters' dino:

There's more, but I have less-fun work to do. If you go further down the rabbit hole, please leave your findings in the comments section below.

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