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'A Family Like Mine' explores the hardships and blessings of growing up with LGBT parents

Still from 'A Family Like Mine'
Still from 'A Family Like Mine'
Katherine Kearns

Having grown up as the adopted child of a single gay man, Katherine Kearns wondered if there were more families like hers. She didn’t have to go very far to find several children of LGBT couples, and she met many of her subjects through people she knew from school.

In her 22 minute documentary film, A Family Like Mine, Kearns explores her family situation and talks about being raised by LGBT parents with others. At only eighteen years old, Kearns is able to relate with her subjects and brings out vulnerable moments.

Some of the most touching parts of the film come from how these children and couples define family.  “My definition of family isn’t necessarily one that is based in blood but one that is based in love,” says Dennis Duban. He and his husband, Kevin Montgomery, raised a daughter who is now actively fighting for human rights.

Although the family structures featured are all different, one thing they have in common is the love they share for their children. Kearns beautifully captures the hardships and blessings of growing up with gay parents.  

Though Kearns is still in high school, her film was chosen for the series Fine Cut on KCET and will air tonight at 9 p.m.