Help Off-Ramp during March Madness - or, trash talking for a cause

Lew Alcindor (later Kareem Abdul Jabbar) at his 1969 UCLA graduation.

Joe Messinger/LAPL Herald-Examiner collection

Third from right, Lew Alcindor (later Kareem Abdul Jabbar) attends his 1969 UCLA graduation.

It's outrageous. Despite that fact that Off-Ramp stands head and shoulders above the crowd, we're about to lose our March Madness bracket to The Splendid Table. We're trailing 29% to 71%.

Look, I personally like Lynne Rossetto Kasper, but everyone knows she has the worst jump-shot in public radio. Worse than David Brancaccio's. She once told Noah Adams she "can't be bothered" to go up for rebounds, and she took out Peter Sagal with an "accidental" knee to the temple .. after she tripped him.

That Lynne subsequently did a double-pump reverse "Ray Suarez" dunk is beside the point.

Please, vote for Off-Ramp right now, and tell your friends!

Please vote now; the deadline for this bracket is 5pm Wednesday.

And please tell all your friends to vote now, too.

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