Reanimation Library brings dead books back to life in Highland Park

Reanimation Library: Highland Park Branch (Photo: Aurora Tang)

Sarah Simons "Snakes as Pets" -- Handmade book and beaded snake.

Highland Park Branch collection displayed on "Cortex Activities for Codex Activities," bookshelf pair by Rob Ray. (Photo: Aurora Tang)

Tristan Duke "Micro-microscope" -- Miniature microscope with hand-ground lens, slides, and handmade book.

Reanimation Library: Highland Park Branch (Photo: Aurora Tang)

Brooklyn-based Reanimation Library has come to Highland Park to open what they call a 'Branch Library.' Somewhere between a library and an art exhibit, Reanimation Library's branches are temporary spaces where curators compile books that are outdated or out of print. Not your Barnes and Noble variety, Reanimation Library books are found discarded and picked up at thrift sales, among other places. 

Reanimation Library collects books like  Abyss: The Deep Sea and the Creatures that Live in It, a 1964 Marine Biology publication with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, maps and photos. Artists create new works inspired by "outdated" books too. Like Sarah Simons' handmade book with beaded snake, inspired by Snakes as Pets. 

Part of Reanimation Library's mission is to "build a collection of resources that inspire the production of new creative work." While you can't take any of the books home, Reanimation Library does provide a space with a scanner and printer so you can take copies home with you for further study. 

You can see the current Reanimation Library branch at Highland Park's Monte Vista Projects gallery from April 20 - May 19, 2013. It's open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon until 5 pm. 

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