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Mike Sheehan's Sketchbook: a weekend with Wendy Greuel

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Artist Mike Sheehan has been sketching Los Angeles for Off-Ramp, including the Shuttle parade, the opening of Grand Park, and Bill Rosendahl. These are his notes from his day with the Greuel campaign.

I've always wondered what motivates people to donate their time to a candidate, so I spent Saturday with the Wendy Greuel campaign, and talked with some of the volunteers, starting at the West Los Angeles field office. Turns out most of the ones I talked to were just straight up believers.

John Williams, like the composer: While I drew him he told me he was 76 years old and had run 93 marathons. He's retired and described himself as a "political junkie." He has more time now and likes Gruel. He and his daughter knocked on doors for the Obama campaign. That was a common theme: people who started on the Obama campaign as their way into volunteering.

Wendy Greuel arrived at around 11:30 am, and greeted everyone briefly so everyone could get back to work. After that, the volunteers split into groups and started working the phones.

I caught Juan Lopez, a first-time volunteer, when he broke for coffee. He told me he just didn't like some of the billboard business that Eric Garcetti was involved in, the Garcetti isn't but feels Greuel is a "straight shooter."

Greuel had a debate with Garcetti, so I headed off to Carla's Cafe on the CBS lot to watch. The gloves were off but it was still pretty civil.

Then, it was off to the South LA office, where they were cooking up some BBQ behind the building waiting for Wendy to arrive. She got there around 2pm (traffic sucked on Saturday), got some food, and talked with the volunteers about their concerns about their community. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and Mayor Tom Bradley's daughter Lorraine Bradley stopped by to endorse her and encourage them to get out the vote.

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