'The Source Family' documents radical living in 1970s Los Angeles

Source Family Poster

Courtesy Drag City Film

If you haven't heard of the Source Family, now's probably a good time to read up--you'll start hearing more and more about them in the coming week. That's because on May 9 a documentary on the LA based cults makes its premier at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood. The

The filme shows an eccentric cult based in sex, drugs, and rock n roll. The leader, Father Yod - a former marine and judo master who once killed a man with his bare hands - was a self-professed spiritual guru. He recruited young women at his natural foods restaurant, The Source, on The Hollywood Sunset Strip. In 1972, the Family moved into a 15 bedroom house in Los Feliz, and they started a psychedelic rock band called Ya Ho Wa 13. In total, the cult had about 140 members.

Forty years later, several members of the Source Family recount their experiences in a feature length documentary. After it's Thursday premier, The Source Family is up for a one week run at Cinefamily with special appearances by the directors and members of the famous cult. There will also be a Yahowa 13 reunion show at Cinefamily this Saturday, May 11th.


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