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Experimental filmmaker Phil Solomon comes to Los Angeles

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Filmmaker Phil Solomon's works are coming to Los Angeles, beginning with an installation at Young Projects at the Pacific Design Center which runs through August 2. 

Solomon's experimental films aren't your typical movie-watching experience. Watching a Solomon film feels less like watching a movie than looking into a kaleidoscope or opening your eyes underwater -- a haunting, dreamlike experience. 

Sometimes Solomon's works are a little scary, like his 1978 silent black and white piece "The Passage of the Bride," in which eerie faces subliminally flash across the frame. In some of his more recent works, Solomon even used digital backdrops from video games like "Grand Theft Auto" to create ghostly landscapes. 

You can catch Phil Solomon in person at REDCAT on Monday, May 20 where several of his films and digital works will be screened, including "What's Out Tonight is Lost" (1983) and "In Memoriam" (2005-09). Tickets and more info at REDCAT's website

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