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Sheehan's Sketchbook: the Garcetti inauguration

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Artist Mike Sheehan doesn't use his iPhone and Instagram to document his city. Instead it's his sketchpad. His latest sketches came with these notes:

I spent the weekend at the Garcetti inaugural. Since they were making it more about the city than him (which I thought was cool), I wanted to see the central characters - City Hall and Grand Park - get ready. It was cool seeing the park getting used in the event like this. 

Everyone was playing in the fountains to beat the crazy heat. It'll be nice when the trees mature, not much shade yet. Watched the stages go up and all the activity. Then sound checks. Moby was interesting, at his sound check, on acoustic guitar it was all Metallica, Sweet Home Alabama and classic rock stuff. Not what you'd expect from him. 

All that prep and when the event actually happened, it's about an hour and it's over. I would barely sketch someone in and they were gone. Fun. No time to over think.

After that it was a a party, city hall all lit up. I stayed a while for a quick night sketch. Then home. I was beat.

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