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David Sedaris to share spotlight with Off-Ramp commentator Dylan Brody at Pasadena Civic event

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Off-Ramp commentator Dylan Brody giddily sent his followers this note yesterday.

An Invitation That Shocked and Thrilled Me

As some of you may know, I have enjoyed an ongoing correspondence with one of my heroes and idols, David Sedaris, for a few years now. He has, in short, been a good man and a gentle supporter of my work often at times when I desperately needed a sense of gentle support.  I do not know if he is aware of just how much his kindness has meant to me.

Yesterday he e-mailed me to invite me to take the stage with him at the Pasadena Civic on November 15th to present a short piece.  I will be doing Not Actual Goats, because it's new and it's funny and it's not yet on any of my CDs.

This is a huge honor. I've seen David read live a few times. He has often read from the books of people whose work he likes.  I have never seen him share the stage. There are still a few tickets left, I believe. Even if I weren't on the bill, I would tell you to go, because he's wonderful live. 

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