Amazing table tennis trick shots captured on video

Josep Antón Velázquez/ITTF

Screen shot from Josep Antón Velázquez's winning video in the STIGA 2013 ITTF Trick Shot Showdown.

This just in from the International Table Tennis Federation: Spain's Josep Antón Velázquez's trick shot has been named the world's best.

The ITTK says more than 80 people submitted videos for the STIGA 2013 ITTF Trick Shot Showdown, which earned 2 million views. (STIGA makes table tennis equipment.)

Here's Velázquez's trick shot:

Table Tennis Trick Shot

Adam Hugh's juggling and behind-the-back shot isn't bad, either.
And this unreturnable serve is worth a look, even with the "Eye of the Tiger" theme music.


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