Peter Stenshoel's Album of the Week: Things We Like by Jack Bruce

With its truly horrifying cover and an arguably deceitful sales angle*, Things We Like could be a thing we don't like.  After all, by 1971, there were legion Cream fans, wanting fresh rock material from what is considered the original supergroup.  Those fans did not need to be sold a Jack Bruce album where the guy doesn't sing a note nor even touch an electric bass.  Worse yet (from one point of view) the whole thing is not rock at all, but jazz. 

If you happened to purchase this album under false pretenses, you have my condolences.  I, on the other hand, was ecstatic.  On a clue from Erik Jothen, I heard about a session from 1968 with the great Miles Davis sideman John McLaughlin on guitar, where Jack Bruce plays not just passable acoustic bass, but plays like a monster.  I found it immediately in the used record bin.  No doubt a disappointed rock fan or deejay had sold it.