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Rabe sets new record ...

Just so you know, I went all day today without my iPhone, having accidentally left it on the coffee table when I left for work.

As I write, I'm going on 12 hours without it. This is a record in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. KPCC's Inland Empire bureau chief Steven Cuevas is looking into reports of a man in Riverside who went without his iPhone for 17 hours.


Mmmmm. Parks & Rec’s Sweetums makes for contented cows and docile people.

Who could have predicted, that crazy night at House of Pies …

(Photo: Julian Bermudez)

… that my friend, the actor Chris Murray , would soon be corporate creep Nick Newport in NBC’s new Thursday night series Parks & Rec? Here’s “Newport” extolling the virtues of corn syrup.

Chris, who played Dean Rivers on "Zoey 101," and who is the son of Don Murray and Hope Lange, has appeared on Off-Ramp a few times. He’s told us the story of his unjust handcuffing by a morally compromised security guard in the employ of a public-access-blocking Malibu Beach Baron, updated us on his efforts to get Lange a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and revealed the secrets of being staff announcer for the Pinewood Derby at his kids’ elementary school.

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Dear racists, here’s what a REAL “Compton Cookout” looks like.

UC San Diego officials are looking into a party that was held earlier this week off-campus. As the LA Times reported, the party was dubbed a “Compton Cookout” and organizers encouraged people to come dressed as ho’s and served fried chicken and watermelon.

“In Sacramento, Assemblyman Isadore Hall III (D-Compton) said leaders of the Legislature's black, Latino, Asian Pacific Islander, gay and women's caucuses would gather outside the Capitol on Thursday to condemn the party.”

I’ll let the above groups take on the racist attitudes. But meantime, what was described is not what any party I’ve been to The Comptons is like. It so happens my husband’s family lives in The Comptons and so I have not only discovered a Compton donut shop that makes the finest apple fritters in the world, and shopped at Compton’s surprisingly well-stocked Food4Less (lots of vegetarian options and good produce), but I’ve attended more “Compton Cookouts” than 99% of San Diegans.


Polanski’s “Ghost Writer”

Am I the only one who finds a bitter irony in the fact that fugitive sex criminal Roman Polanski’s ”Ghost Writer” is considered “not suitable for audiences under 13?”

By the way, movie trailers are just as idiotic and predictable in German as they are in English.

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