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Mid-Wilshirists abandon televisions, too, but more comfortably.

Doubtless you’ve been following my documentation of the abandoned tv’s of LA in my Vast Wasteland Project.

My friend Gary Minnaert writes,

Hi John. Saw your recent blog post. We have abandoned tvs in the Mid-Wilshire area also.

He sent this picture:

In my neighborhood, the abandoned tv’s stand alone on streetcorners and curbs. But in the Mid-Wilshire area, the dumpers thoughtfully provide a place to rest and watch the tube – if you have an extension cord long enough.

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Teen v. Boeing – Robin Estrin getting traction in efforts to get Rocketdyne site cleaned up.

I am writing this letter to urge you to clean up the nuclear contamination that was left after the Rocketdyne meltdown that occurred in 1959.

So starts teenager Robin Estrin’s open letter to Boeing, posted at HuffPo and on Michael Moore’s website.

The Santa Susana Field Lab where the accident occurred is not too far from my neighborhood. I understand that you have begun pursuing a lawsuit to rid yourself of the legal responsibility you have to clean up your mess. … Please, try to look at it from my point of view … When my teammates practice lacrosse three times a week at our park, we have to worry about the safety of the air we breathe and the soil we play on.

Robin’s father is Eric Estrin, who led LA Observed’s screenplay project and is contributing editor at The Wrap. He wrote to tell me that the attention seems to be getting her fight some traction. “Now Boeing has invited Robin's group, the Teens Against Toxins, to tour their facility and meet with officials from the company and from NASA and the Department of Energy.”


Off-Ramp hands out final Oscar … for “Best Meat Product Rendition of a Movie Character”

Our Oscar-watching party was more fun than yours, and not just because of the cocktail wieners I brought, or David Othenin-Girard’s impeccable wine picks. But because his girlfriend Vember Stuart-Lilley’s mom e-mailed her a series of pictures that sent milk through all our noses … and we weren’t even drinking milk.

First, here’s Laura "James Cameron's got nothin' on me" Staurt-Lilley, in her kitchen.

Now before you look at the next picture, you need to know that Laura lives in Ohio; and in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and perhaps Indiana and parts of Illinois, people treat meatloaf like topiary. It probably has something to do with long winters and a lack of cable TV.

So, now, if you’re holding an Oscar party, you need to have Oscar-themed food. Hence:

It’s a male Na’vi, from James Cameron’s “Avatar, the Last Bigspender:” How do I know it’s male?


Off-Ramp releases first Special Podcast and inaugurates live music at the Mohn Broadcast Center

Donovan has a concert at the El Rey Theatre Friday, March 19th, and he came to KPCC’s new Mohn Broadcast Center in Pasadena to record an interview and sing some of his hits.

(Donovan at the orange wall of the MBC. Credit: John Rabe)

We’re using the occasion to launch an occasional series of special Off-Ramp podcasts. I mean, somebody who learned to meditate with the Beatles and had 11 #1 hits deserves more than 6 minutes … especially when he’s willing to play cool tunes like “Hurdy Gurdy Man,” one of the weirdest and most wonderful songs of the 1960s.

Come to the Off-Ramp page to listen to the half-hour interview and find out more about Donovan’s benefit concert, which is raising money to help at-risk kids.


What to make of a taco truck’s name … One man’s slur is another’s nickname.

WARNING: Some readers might be offended by the content of this blog entry, which contains a word that -- in English -- is anti-Semitic.
Nicknames are weird in many languages. I’m not sure how you get “Jack” from John or “Hal” from Henry, or more to the point, “Chuy” from Jesus or “Pancho” from Francisco. (“Nacho,” from Ignacio, I get.)

But what to make of the nickname for Enrique, which is sometimes spelled “Quique,” is pronounced KEE-kay, and – in another form – adorns the taco truck that parks at Second and Beaudry downtown?

I was flabbergasted when I saw it for the first time Saturday night, and figured someone had noticed it before, but most of the gastronomes on Yelp! don’t have a big problem with it. It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

“i'm soooo glad my friend took me out after my work festivities cuz this is the scene i wanted to see in la!!! late night taco dining on the streets! with ramen from the truck if u want to too!” Chi N.